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Child Mental Health Association- EGYPT

Our Activities

This page is our opportunity to explain the services we provide.

Here are examples of areas of specialization we might mention:

    National and Local Activities


Training Programs: Developing and supervising School Mental Health training program in collaboration with W.H.O. since 1987.


A - Activities Related to Health Sector


 Basic Training in Mental Health:


A multi sectorial collaborative program is conducted in Alexandria, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, National Health Insurance, in Alexandria Governorate, with the help of the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, and the World Health Organization’s support. After preliminary assessment of existing school health services and mental health needs, a series of mental health training course of (one-week) duration were organized for the following categories:. School Health Physicians, Maternal and Child Health Physicians (M.C.H.), Maternal and Child Health Social Workers (working with health sectors), High Institute for Nursing, School Health Visitors. Number of trainees (n=30-35) per training (n=56);1989-present.


 Advanced Training in Mental Health :


The advanced training program is planned to let the physicians working in school health and Maternal and Child Health, interested in the field of Child Mental Health to have more training to gain knowledge and skills to manipulate properly with the common Mental Health problems at pre-school and school ages with the aim to establish “Mental Health Centers” for guidance and counseling. Planning and organizing the advanced training courses that take 11 weeks for every course.

The advanced program started since 1992 where the seventh generation training course is in progress now. The number of physicians who enrolled the advanced training course are (n=215) working in the guidance and counseling centers in Alexandria governate and its outskirts.


  B- Activities related to the Educational Sectors:

Developing and organizing basic training courses for School Teachers, Social Workers and Psychologists

 (1989 – present).

Regular School Campaigns to discuss mental health problems with the students.





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